Early Literacy ideas for the Summer 

Reading at the beach 1

Literacy activities are everywhere in Summer and the best part? Most of them are free!

Going to the beach? Help your child write their name in the sand. Collect small shells, pebbles, even seaweed. What can you make out of these things? It could be letters are something else. When young children play and create it stimulates their imagination and helps to build the small muscles in their hands. These are the same muscles that will grip a pencil when it is time for school!

Taking a trip? Whether you are packing for a road trip or a trip to the grocery store, have your child help you make a list. When your child sees you write, they make important connections between spoken words and letters.

Talk, talk, talk! Summer can be a time for new experiences. Seeing an outdoor concert, a trip to the zoo, visits from relatives? Talk about it! The more words your child hears, the more their vocabulary will grow. A walk around the block or a bus ride with your toddler is an opportunity for conversation.

Read, read, read! It could be a rainy day or hot and humid afternoon; it is always a good time to read to your child. Reading, listening to and telling stories, singing songs with your child are all critical for building early literacy skill. Make a routine of visiting your local library for books and a range of free summer activities.

Summer doesn’t have to include a big adventure or trip to be memorable and impactful for your child. The little moments of connection, communication and play that you share with your child every day are the foundation for early literacy and will help prepare them for school or whatever the next season will bring.