What is one of the best gifts you can give a child this season? The priceless experience of reading, bonding, and connecting.

RI Library edited

Reading to a child is a gift that can fit any budget. 

Connecting with a child through reading does not have to cost anything. Local libraries provide a treasure trove of books year-round. Any person who lives in Rhode Island is eligible for a library card for use at all statewide public libraries. 

Here is a list of all libraries in Rhode Island: 

Need a library card or need to renew the one you have? You can apply online here: 

Shared reading is a gift of our time and attention. Taking a few minutes each day to set the technology and to-do lists aside and share a book with a child can benefit the caregiver as well as the child.  In a world where distractions and demands are increasing for everyone, this could be the gift we all need the most.